To promote and consolidate the Information Assurance education, research, and outreach efforts, we recently established the Center for Information Assurance and Security Technology.  We were designated as one of the Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense sponsored by NSA and DHS valid through 2022. We substantiates our intent to serve the community and promote measures that strengthen computer security.

UCCS is accredited through the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission.  Our last accreditation renewal occurred in 2016; the next will occur in 2022.

Our computer science faculty developed an IA certificate and three IA-related degree programs at bachelor, master, and Ph.D. levels to meet current workforce demands.  In 2005, the National Institute of Science, Space and Security Centers (NISSSC) was established at UCCS to better focus on developing and implementing sound academic and research deliverables in the science, space and security disciplines to meet the nation’s challenges.  Several AFOSR grants were awarded to support IA and cyber security research initiatives.  A $1.25 million AFOSR equipment grant was awarded 2007 to furnish a data center quality server room (OSB A212) and a cyber security lab (OSB A210) to foster development of educational and research programs in cyber security, physical security, and homeland security at UCCS.  Located in the 150,000 square foot Osborne Center for Science & Engineering, this server room and security lab provide support to the information assurance program through faculty, student, and curricular development.  Through NISSSC, our IA program offers hands-on labs to Northcom personnel and IA certificate courses to Spacecom and the local IA community at Peterson AFB.  UCCS continues to play a major role in the operation of the IA initiative.  We recently signed an MOU with Pike Peak Community College (PPCC) to share UCCS IA courseware and assist in development of PPCC IA curriculum. We support ISSA local chapter host their conferences regularly. We also actively support cyber resilience institution in their grass-root community cyber activities.

The faculty and administration at UCCS wholeheartedly support our application for certification as a CAE/IAE program.  Dr. Edward Chow, professor of Computer Science, is coordinating this initiative and is our CAE/IAE Program Point of Contact (POC).  This reaffirms our commitment to serving the community, and ensure that measures to strengthen information security remain a high priority in our mission in higher education.

Last Updated: 29 January 2016