The Center for Information Assurance and Security Technology  (CIAST) at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) will develop information assurance and security professionals, pursue research and advance the body of knowledge in security related area knowledge, and address critical issues related to all aspects of information assurance and security related education and research, leveraging the resources and capabilities of the academic and research units of UCCS and other institutions of higher education.  The center will be the mechanism for forming strategic partnerships among industry, military organizations, other academic institutions, government organizations and campus academic and research units with information-assurance, cyber-security or other security-technology related programs.  These and future partnerships will identify needs, opportunities and programs to benefit the information assurance, security and intelligence communities.

The CIAST will work in collaboration with a variety of both private and public constituents dedicated to improving information assurance and security.  These constituents include but are not limited to: a) university departments, b) university centers/institutes, c) military, d) industry, e) cyber-security and intelligence related government agencies, and e) non-governmental organizations.  The Center will work with these and other entities to generate research agendas, conduct research, share information collected to increase and improve application implementation, define educational objectives, provide information assurance, cyber-security and other security education.  The CIAST will help identify opportunities in security-related educational initiatives at UCCS, other campuses of the University of Colorado, Community Colleges, and institutions of higher education around the world. The center will also assist with building bridges between external constituents and the campus units involved in security education, training, and security research.  

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Center for Information Assurance and Security Technology,
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